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Success story = Competency driven HR

A Leading Global Application Development company

Competency Design


300 Employee size

12 Months - Timeline

Design and delivery

Competency Framework Design


The Company was fast changing its business offering to a healthy strategic product and services mix. This meant aligning Company's vision, goal and its core competencies with the existing talent and future workforce. We discovered problem statements, specified impact areas and took a holistic approach to arrive at solutions. Our process was a deep dive design of mapping existing job roles. We did this through a survey of critical roles, crafting ideal job descriptions for such roles in parallel and conducting a gap analysis. We designed a very simple competency framework that integrated the 'Ideal talent DNA' in to recruitment, performance assessment and career planning of the workforce. We designed and rolled out a comprehensive creative workshop across the Company to educate and create awareness of the Competency framework to seed the transformation.