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ItsMyHR - A Boutique Consultancy
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A Facility Management and Infrastructure Solutions Company

Essential HR, Bilingual Handbook


250 Employee size

4 Months - Timeline

Design and delivery

HR policies & processes, Bilingual Employee handbook, Orientation and awareness program of new policies, processes & changes


The boot strap indigenous Company was in its expansion mode, and the need of the hour was to manage scale without losing the identity and value chain it was offering to its clients. One of the key challenges was to bring people and processes in line to business operations. Employees belonged to different language, cultural and educational background and lacked professional corporate exposure. The problem statements were of various dimensions but we created miniature solutions. Our solutions collaborated people policies to business processes that resulted in a better Corporate culture appearance. We facilitated quick induction program across keeping in mind various people background by designing a bilingual handbook and catering to an 'inclusive' vision of the Company.