I have a unique business idea, I am starting to scale up,
I am looking to
  • hire creatively
  • design simple policies & processes
  • design an awesome work place
  • design an extraordinary people experience
  • set up a different HR practice

We don’t just realize solutions,
we design vivid user experiences


We subtract the clutter, add the meaningful, keep your HR simple and sensible.


ItsMyHR helps Start -up Companies set up HR practice which is aesthetic, simple and delivers joy of work. Aim is to create good success stories and positive change experiences for people and business through insight, observation and empathy. It’s not just another HR that we design, but vivid ‘User Experiences’. Our core philosophy is to get out of a job description and lead change making your ideas happen meaningfully. If expansion and establishing a footprint is your goal, then ItsMyHR is your starting point. We help you own your people function, lead it and manage it virtually, if you are technology ready. We subtract the clutter, add the meaningful and keep HR simple and sensible.


We are ‘user centric’ and have a problem solving mindset. Our attempt is to design a Human Resources practice that brings key landmarks for people and business, through collective ownership of ideas. How do we do it? We are keen followers of the ‘Principle of Design’ and our engagement is through a ‘Discover-Discuss-Design’ process. We discover challenges, discuss problem statements, based on observations and information gathered, and design miniature working solutions with specific user groups to test and capture the positive ‘user experience’. Simply put, we step into your shoes, apply empathy and give you a journey of success by crafting a well rounded practice customized to suit your needs.

Anita Menon


Human Resources professional with 15 years of highly engaged career.

Cross functional experience of aligning SME business process with People practice.

Bragging Rights

Design Thinking
Execution Excellence

  • Specific Talent Acquisition Programs
  • Rewards & Engagement Programs
  • Competency Design & Assessment Centers
  • HR Policies and Processes
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Behavioral Training Programs
  • HR Tool Box


The startup ecosystem has new possibilities that are unlimited. It is therefore important to have a razorsharp focus on those that bring a seismic effect. User experience is one such ripple impact. It evolves by getting under the skin of everything and choosing those possibilities that resolve the unmet needs of people and business. Designing anything in human resources function is a very similar journey focus. We bring together compelling success stories and experiences of people, using solid foundations of Empathy, Company brand, Culture and Values that act as game changers for all. In short, our focus is to design positive ‘user experience’.